Lisa Lee Benjamin creates and nurtures large and small landscapes that unite people, art, structure and space. The portfolio of Evo Catalyst, her San Francisco based design consultancy, is filled with sustainable solutions for diverse animal and human habitats. They include green roofs, small scale agriculture, food and forest systems, hedgerows, wetlands, and residential and public gardens. Lisa thrives on collaboration with other equally dedicated artists, scientists, and specialists as exemplified by her habitat panels and unique projects. She is an international instigator and founding member of Alpine Initiatives, UG lab, Urban Hedgerow, and the Bay Area’s Green Roof Alliance. Lisa is profoundly dedicated to altering the way we live and transforming passion into action.

Moose (also known as Paul) Curtis is a street artist with a very different agenda to most, in that his art is made generally through simple acts of cleaning. His murals appear all over the world, the high contrast of bright clean marks on dark dirty backgrounds make his pieces intriguing both visually and politically as the lines are blurred between rules and common sense, prankersterism and subversion. With critical acclaim in the New York Times the BBC and CNN, he draws attention to pollution and grimy concrete that line and brace many cities. Moose has exhibited all over the globe, appearing in the US as part of ‘the Creators Series’ that visited New York and LA in 2009, ‘Eco Art’ in Istanbul, ‘Save The World in 10 days’ at the Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium, The ‘All I Can’ film launch symposium in Whistler, Canada and AG Ideas in Melbourne, in most cases holding workshops as part of these visits as well as presenting.

Butterfly knowledge and love – Amber Hasselbring and Liam O’Brien
Inspiration and Support – Jackie Herald
Technical Mural Support – Jules Arthur and George Richardson
A special thanks to Nina and Barbara Meyer

and of course Chelsea Fringe