Lisa Lee Benjamin and Moose Curtis are inspired by the abundance of Nature in town. Theirs is a unique exercise in noticing details of flora and fauna in the heart of London life. This is the latest in a series of art-science projects initiated by San Francisco based Lisa Lee Benjamin, designed to incorporate insect habitats into the urban fabric. The focus is the beautiful butterfly genus Vanessa – the Red Admiral and his Painted Lady in particular. Native host and nectar plants (often dismissed as ‘weeds’) will be awarded little seals of approval, prepared with loving attention by Lisa. In the vicinity, Moose generates ephemeral murals, jet-washed with rainwater that etches out grime to reveal supersize images of invertebrate life. His bright clean marks on dark dirty backgrounds make the world’s inner city walls and pavements visually and politically intriguing, as the lines are blurred between rules and common sense.